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Senior Level Self-Test
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Senior Level Self-Test (Example Questions)
Guidelines: Please rate each of the items below on a scale of 4, 3, 2, 1 in order of preference. (We don't support the result of the test. The best answers may be different depending on the different functions/positions. )
 1. The most important factor for a successful business is
  - efficient operation.
  - dedicated people.
  - a clear vision for the future.
  - a moral goal.
 2. When the department is in chaos, I usually
  - creatively find solutions.
  - provide encouragement and support.
  - take immediate and decisive action.
  - analyze the cause of the problem.
 3. I prefer the organizational change should
  - be planned and gradual.
  - be something innovative and broad-spectrum.
  - be goal and result oriented.
  - focus on learning and personal growth.
 4. I specially
  - enjoy building a collaborative team.
  - enjoy proposing new ideas to my boss.
  - enjoy achieving impressive achievements.
  - enjoy developing better systems.
 5. In making decisions, I am usuallu
  - explore innovative solutions.
  - take the most practical series of actions.
  - collaborate with team members.
  - evaluate alternatives in a systematic way.
 6. The best way to prepare for an unpredictable future is
  - reengineering.
  - helping people learn to deal with change.
  - creating a tangible vision.
  - achieving current business goals.
 7. My most important job is
  - to improve work efficiency.
  - satisfying job objectives.
  - building an effective team.
  - finding new ways to satisfy customers.
 8. How do I get the most out of each individual?
  - To guide and develop people.
  - Use of personal motivation techniques.
  - To create more interesting jobs.
  - Emphasize that change is an opportunity for career development.
 9. What matters most to people is
  - to have the tools (means) to complete the job.
  - to have a strong motivation to achieve.
  - to have cooperative and friendly colleagues.
  - to have the ability to cope with change.
10. My favorite step in a project is
  - the stage of generating new ideas.
  - the stage of designing the work flow.
  - the stage of team building.
  - the stage of setting goals.
11. The main purpose of forming a human network is
  - about making new relationships.
  - use of influence to achieve a result.
  - to solve the coordination problem between departments.
  - to get the support you need to start a new job.
12. During a problem-solving meeting, I like to
  - brainstorm new ideas.
  - encourage conversations between groups.
  - encourage appropriate conclusions to come.
  - analyze the problem itself in detail.
13. The most important factor in team development is
  - conflict management
  - division of roles and responsibilities.
  - a groundbreaking accident.
  - to focus on performance.
14. I am tend to think myself
  - as a good thinker.
  - as a person who makes relationships.
  - as an analyst.
  - as a runner.
15. My preferred method of motivation is
  - to have an exciting vision for the future.
  - to provide opportunities for personal development.
  - special awards and recognition.
  - giving them a daunting but achievable goal.
16. What I get great satisfaction from is
  - to help people learn.
  - to find new market demand.
  - in pursuit of better quality.
  - to meet work expectations.
17. People tell me
  - there is a tendency to view everything as a hard-working person.
  - they tend to be seen as people who work efficiently.
  - they tend to be seen as creative people.
  - they tend to be seen as supportive people.
18. When dealing with people, I basically
  - tend to take an analytical attitude toward others.
  - tend to take a pragmatic attitude toward the other person.
  - tend to empathize with others easily.
  - tend to be charismatic.
19. What is the most important thing to do in business?
  - It is the latent ability of human beings to learn.
  - It is groundbreaking technology.
  - Strong leadership.
  - It is a good system.
20. The best person for me to work with is
  - a technology oriented person.
  - an innovative person.
  - a person who is action oriented.
  - a good collaborator.