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Company Introduction
Positive & Effective
Well-vested Executive Search since 1996.1, Seoul, Korea
Company Introduction
A Trusted key resource of Global Talents in Korea
for Korean and multi-national companies operating in & out Korea, including local and foreign Governments
Field Service Experience well-vested for over 4,100 clients in 27 years
supporting wide-ranged industries and functions by higher-level professional consultants including foreign professionals.
Reliable and Hands-on, Sharp and In-depth, Intensive search process as a Trusted Strategic Business Partner
based on most insightful analyses in respective sector of the target position and relevant market environments
Equipped with assorted Top-quality D/B over 150,000
for global and Korean competent top-management, talented officers/ managers /engineers/professionals, etc., accumulated and updated D/B who are well-qualified to meet the global standard in required competency, through worldwide dotted network in 25 countries.
A Leading Expert in HR Solution and Talent Aquisition, including other functional services below:
  • Executive Search
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Middle-Management Search
  • HR Management Consulting
  • Leadership Assessment, Development & Coaching
  • Market Research